Re-Opening Protocol -

What is required of you?

Due to new procedures that are required by WA state your service is going to look a little different. Please note that if you are sick or around someone who is sick you will be asked to reschedule. All cancellation fees due to illness will be waived, though if you cancel due to illness you will be required to wait fourteen days until you can rebook your appointment.


Here's what's new:

1) Waiting areas are closed. This means you will need to wait in your car. Please be in the parking lot five minute prior to your scheduled appointment time. Please text me upon arrival at 425-890-9919 and I will reply with an invite to enter when my studio is completely cleaned and ready to go for you. No guests (including family) are allowed.


2) Please only bring in necessary items (Mask, Wallet, Key, Phone). Any purses or coats will need to be put in a clean, disposable bag (provided by me) for the duration of your visit.


3) Masks are required to enter the building. You must wear the ones that go around your ear. If you do not have one, let me know when you text upon arrival and I will bring one out to your car. Please note that if you are receiving a color service the mask may get stained (especially around the ears.)


4) Temperature checks may be preformed and If a client has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher they will be sent home.

5) The following questions will be asked:

Have you been or been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms in the past 14 days: coughing or fever? 

If the answer is yes I will not be able to perform your service.


6) Before entering the suite you will be directed to the bathroom and asked to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.


7) Once entering the suite you will be asked to use hand sanitizer.


8) When shampooing I am required to put a towel over your face to cover your eyes.


9) If you know you need to stock up on retail products, let me know before your appointment and I will have it disinfected and ready in a bag for you to take home.


10) Food in the suite is prohibited yet a beverage will be provided. If you are receiving a color service. you may go outside while processing to remove your mask and have some food. I can also send you home with a drink or snack.   


11) No cash will be accepted as payment during this time. As usual cards are accepted.

 Re-Opening Protocol -

 What is required of me?

There are many regulations that salons are already required to follow for sanitation and health. In order to receive my license I was trained to adhere to strict safety and sanitation guidelines. I will continue to follow these guidelines and implement measures per the CDC as well. New guidelines are as follows:


I will be wearing a mask and eye protection. I will also be changing my smock/apron with each appointment.


I will continue to use viricidal, fungicidal, and germicidal cleaning solutions for my tools as well as all surfaces and products a client may touch.


As always, I will be using a newly laundered cape and towels for each new guest.


It is not required to recertify in a sanitation knowledge test but I have chosen to do so through Barbicide. I have passed their course.

I will also be utilizing UV-C sterilization technology not only for all my implements and tools, but also your phone, keys, and any other personal items you would like sanitized during your visit.

I have also brought in bio-degradable straws and drink cups. All glassware will be sterilized in UV-C sterilizer. 

New Amenities

My priority for my clients is their health, safety and comfort. Enjoy these added perks and specials.


UV Light Sanitation
Complementary UV sanitation for your phone or other small personal items for the duration of your visit.


Hand Hydration Treatment
With all the hand washing and sanitizing our hands are drier than ever! Enjoy moisturizing gloves during your service for extra nourishment and hand protection for $5. 

10% Off Retail When You Preorder
Pre-order via email at least 24 hours before your appointment for 10% off your product purchase. This also allows me to disinfect and place in a bag ready to-go for you!